In the Chemical & Refinery industry, facilities continue to operate at near or beyond their original design life. As a result, the industry has begun focusing on the crucial issues of fitness for service, risk, and remaining life analysis.

We understand these concerns. We specialize in providing results-oriented, engineered solutions to complex problems. Utilizing advanced technologies, innovative applications, and classical engineering methods, our team of expert engineers and technicians is able to assist our clients in improving safety, reliability and profitability.

  • System for removal of biodegradable organics
  • Oils and grease removal separator system
  • Vapor recovery systems
  • Mineral oil treatment plants
  • Vacuum installations for the chemical industry
  • Liquid steel degassing plants
  • Vacuum coating installations



Besides the basic design and the detailed engineering, it is indeed able to follow its Clients in the choice of the Shipyard in the pre-contractual phase, then in supervision during building, by means of a constant support from the head office as well as by a team of surveyors with recognized experience, from the steel cutting to the delivery and also during the operating life of the ship. The surveillance activity on-site is in fact essential to guarantee the high level of standard required by the Clients.

Our first aim is always the absolute satisfaction of our Clients, developing special designs perfectly shaped to meet any variety of particular requirements. Furthermore, the Companyís focus is the attention to the improvements of marine technology, the changes of the market and new requirements of the Clients/Majors.

  • ballast / heeling system
  • bilge system
  • condensate system
  • steam system
  • water system
  • swimming pool
  • whirlpool system
  • fire and deck washing system
  • watermist system
  • CO2 extinguishing system
  • H.F.O. bunkering & transfer
  • M.G.O.¬†bunkering & transfer



Our company is specializes in the design, troubleshooting, and documentation of pharmaceutical process equipment and systems. We offer advanced simulation and engineering services as well as custom instrumentation and physical modeling to improve and validate performance.

Our approach to problem-solving offers a unique synergy of advanced engineering simulation, experimental investigation, and onsite instrumentation and troubleshooting. We are committed to assisting the pharmaceutical industry with their process problems and equipment design challenges by providing expert solutions that streamline product launches and reduce regulatory approval time.

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging and Drug Delivery Systems
  • Filter installation for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Installation of a Purge Pressurized Enclosure for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Clean Steam instalation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas

We offer extensive design, testing, and analysis experience in both the upstream and downstream segments of the industry in virtually all phases of operation. We offer the most qualified experts in the industry, along with leading-edge tools and technology, to assist you in solving the industry’s most difficult problems.

  • Crude Oil, LPG, and Water Pumping Stations
  • Gas Treatment Plants
  • Crude Oil Treatment Plants
  • Industrial and Potable Water Supply
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Tank Farms for Crude Oil and Oil Products
  • Gas and Crude Oil Pipelines
  • Gas Distribution Systems
  • HVAC Systems
  • Power Supply and Distribution Systems